Engineering & Design

Since 1980 CALTUCA has proven experience in design, manufacture and servicing of heat transfer equipment for the Oil, Chemical, Petrochemical, Gas and Electric Utility Industries. CALTUCA’s Design personnel is trained to perform the best thermal and mechanical design of this kind of equipment complying client’s requirements and specifications as well as standars and codes to obtain an economical and smallest solution. In accordance with our experience above will find the activities that our technical department can face in an A.C.H.E. Design.

a. Complete new thermal and mechanical design of an a.c.h.e. to comply with client’s requirements for process conditions, specifications,codes and standards.

b. Thermal simulation of an existing unit to meet new required process conditions.

c. Alternative’s evaluations to improve the equipment heat transfer.


Specialized Service

CALTUCA has specilized personnel for the design of A.C.H.E., usign the specific standards for this kind of equipments, such as ASME, API, ASTM, AWS, Etc., Also has specilized software for:

a. Basic Thermal rating design based on the HTRI xchanger suite or our in house developed program.

b. Detailed Mechanical Calculation, Based on ASME Section VIII Division 1, Wind and Seismic Calculation Based on UBC, ASCE, PDVSA JA-221 codes and standard. Those software were in house developed.

c. Detailed Enigineer automated Mechanical Pressure parts & General Arrengement Drawings. This software was in house developed.

d. Detailed Enigineer automated Mechanical Structural Parts and general Arrengent Drawings based on our standard design. This software was also in house developed.

Custom Engineering


CALTUCA perform custom design complying with client’s special needs & requirements, interacting with them during the complete unit design and manufacture processes, from the beginning of the bidding phase to the final unit delivery, to assure the complete client’s satifaction.

Also our well trained field technical personnel is capable to evaluate the existing on site unit and in conjuction with the thermal rating specialist can offer to the client  the best solution in order to improve, adecuate and take advantage of the existing capabilities.


Process, thermal and mechanical design (ASME & API661 code) for all applications, (gas & Vapor Coolers, Liquid & Water Cooler, Steam & Hydrocarbon Condenser).


Caltuca has developed its own programs and is a member of HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Inc.).


State-of-the-art technology – Developing a Design- Drawing Generated – 2D and 3D in AutoCAD.


Complete technical support for field service and repair jobs.
Technical support for new process equipments redesigns.
Technical support on field repair works under NATIONAL BOARD “R” STAMP requirement.

MISION ” To meet the needs of our Clients thought the Design, Manufacture, Installation, and Post-sale Repair and Maintenance Services of Air-Cooled Heat Exchanges and Finned Tubes. By using the technical specifications and state-of-the-art technology highly qualified personnel and commitment to continuing development, we obtain the highest competitiveness, growth, stability and profitability of our company. “

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